Being a mother and the process all are very precious to women. Pregnancy is the stage where the baby is the closest to its mother. The relationship of baby with their mothers are very special. It though sounds beautiful but as the pregnancy day passes by it becomes more difficult for the mother because of spine pain,  and abdominal pains. Rapid physio has helped many moms with antenatal care singapore.

Not only before pregnancy but even after the delivery women face many issues like back pain and changes in tissue and joints.

How to deal with the issue?

antenatal care singapore

All the problems faced before and after the pregnancy and be easily cured with the help of physiotherapy. This is the only therapy that helps you to manage the discomfort in your pelvic region. After childbirth, a women’s body is supposed to be changed in many and not necessarily the change will be comfortable. To deal with that uncomfortably Rapid physio care offer their services which will take care of your health and will make you feel much more comfortable with their physiotherapy.

The rapid physio not only helps with Antenatal & Postnatal but also teaches you to how to take care of your baby. How to lift them properly.

During pregnancy and after the delivery the stability in your core is very important. All the back pains, pelvic pains, and any other joint pains can easily be dealt with with the core stability program that they offer.

Often pregnant women face abdominal weakness which can be quite dangerous for both mother and the child. To stabilize the smoothness of the region Rapid physio provides a manual therapy that massages soft tissues and joint mobilization of tight muscles. The muscles around the spine and pelvic joints are the reason for the changes in the body as they altered the shape.

They teach various types of exercise which also helps in labor. All the exercises are taught by experts and patients perform them under their surveillance. Not only for women but it also teaches the role of the husband during pregnancy. The course here will take place in 3 groups and each session will be for 45 minutes.

A proper education related to your body is very important especially when you have a life growing inside you. It is important to understand how and when your body will react to what.