Where is ACL located?

When you walk, run, or jump, the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is among the four major muscles and tendons that keep you balanced. It crosses over to the femur, or thigh bone, and connects both sides of the shin bone. When a person curves their knee, the ACL’s primary objective is to protect too much motion between bones.

There’d be little stability in their knee joint if your ACL were not intact, which could lead to pain and damage. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) helps stabilize and keep the knee joint in place in high-risk games that need cutting, pivoting, and jumping. However, it is one of the most commonly injured knee ligaments because of this. ACL tears can cause a lot of pain, disability, and decreased function.

When the ACL is torn, the lower leg bone may slide forward, causing a pop in the knee. While an Acl injury can result in various symptoms, the most common one is a swollen knee. An orthopedic expert will examine their condition and further explain treatment options with you, which can range from a minor fracture to a complete rupture in their anterior cruciate ligament. Depending on how well the ACL was wounded, non-surgical measures like rest, ice, compression, elevation, invasive surgery to reconstruction, and wearing a brace may be used.

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When is it necessary to have ACL reconstruction surgery?

While the inflammation and distress in the knee may go away over time if you don’t get treatment, you may still feel unstable and buckle while walking. The majority of partial ACL tears could be treated with physical therapy. On the other hand, complete tears may necessitate surgical intervention to restore your knee’s full range of motion. If the unstable knee leads to further joint problems, acl reconstruction Singapore may be necessary.

The ACL surgeon will use knee arthroscopy to eliminate the damaged ligament and replace this with a graft tendon. This can be found in a different part of the knee. In Singapore, ACL reconstruction can take six months before an athlete can return to sports. In Singapore, seek the advice of an ACL surgeon. Singapore doctors who are skilled ankle and foot surgeons are dedicated to finding the best knee treatment. If they suspect an ACL tear, make an appointment as soon as possible to schedule their ACL repair surgery before the pain worsens.