You dont have to be paranoid because you are not being haunted or followed by anyone else. There are 1,000 different species of fungi, viruses, bacteria, and mites present in your skin. It is a skin microbiome, and it is necessary for your health as your biggest organ. Conclusion: some factors can control the makeup of your skin microbiome, which can sometimes be out of hand. However, some things can protect your skin by using Microbiome skincare products. It can help keep your skin healthy, thriving, and happy by following these tips.

Cleanse and dry it properly

There will be a balance between getting good hygiene and going overboard. You have to avoid over-washing or using a solid cleanser for your skin. You also have to avoid scrubbing too much as it can damage your skin. Too much friction can break your skin of its healthy microbes and make micro-tears in the skin. These tears can adapt to harmful pathogens. When your skin is are in the dry off state, you have to gently pat your skin dry rather than rubbing it with a towel.

Eat and hydrate well.

Your health needs to be hydrated, and having a good diet can make your skin healthy. Eating rich, healthy fats, protein, fiber, and vegetables helps your gut bacteria that can also help your skin microbiome. You also have to monitor your water as you need 64oz of water every day. When you are dehydrated, it will show to your skin. And you have sweat up to help to feed your skin’s microbiome.

Microbiome skincare products

Avoid using synthetic fabrics.

You have to use natural fibers such as cotton than using synthetic fabrics. An artificial fabric incredibly tight or worn close to your skin can cause an imbalance in your microbiome. You have to know that microbiota can flourish in different areas of your body because of its unique environment. When you are wearing that causes your temperature, swear production, or sebum can affect the normal skin conditions. You can make an environment where good skin flora cannot survive.

Buy products wisely

You have to avoid buying antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizer. It is because they can kill beneficial microbes together with harmful microbes. Aside from avoiding using antibacterial, the soaps have an ingredient of alkaline. It can also destroy your acidic skin balance and expose you to potential alkaline pathogens. When you want to secure your hygiene that doesnt damage your microbiota, you have to use microbiome soaps available in the market. When it is about to moisturize, you have to avoid lotions that are not microbiome-friendly. You can use water-like moisturizers that have an ingredient of hyaluronic acid.

Embrace it

You thought that all bacteria were dangerous to your health. However, microbes can help your skin even better, rather than being grossed by billions of life forms. You have to accept that those little guys can make up your skin microbiome and do everything you can to protect it because it also protects you.